Monkey's Sealant - 12 x 250mL

Monkey's Sealant - 12 x 250mL

MONKEY'S SAUCE has been scientifically developed to prevent puncture of bike wheels, and provides the best balance between durability and puncture repair capacity.

MONKEY'S SAUCE and its low-viscosity, high-quality latex coats the sides of the tire for a quicker seal, spreads easily and does not imbalance the wheel. It is successfully used in cyclocross, road and mountain bike at all levels, from leisure to professional. Roll the widest range of conditions and temperatures

Thanks to its immediate sealing action, MONKEY'S SAUCE is ideal for MTB and tubeless road, tubular and standard tires. MONKEY'S SAUCE repairs punctures up to 6mm for MTB and road tires. MONKEY'S SAUCE can also be used as a preventive measure for inner tubes.

The pneumatic sealant MONKEY'S SAUCE can also be used for tubeless & tubular bike tires, wheelbarrows, ATV, lawn mowers, tractors, carts, car tires, truck tires, scooters and more.

Also suitable for all valves with removable valve cores.

  • Tubeless tires and tubeless conversion
  • Seals your punctures immediately
  • For every rider
  1. Take out the valve or open your tire on the rim.
  2. Squeeze the bottle
  3. Inject the product on the valve or tire
  4.  Close valve or tire
  5.  Inflate
  6.  Spin the Wheel

For a maximal efficiency, it is recommended to add sealant every 2 months


Keep it out of children range. Do not swallow. In case of eyes contact, wash immediately with water and call a doctor. In case of swallowing, wash the mouth with water and call a doctor